Day 195

Day 195

Friday the friggin’ 13th!

Normally I have no issues with Friday the 13th. Friday is just a day, 13 is just a number. But today has been, now I’m looking at it from the end of the day, hilarious.

My day started with an appointment at the clinic, it was that time again, the time when a random stranger gets to see my lady bits up close and personal to do the “check for cancerous cells” test. Smear tests are not pleasant or fun but they are important. I’d rather know if something was up early so it can be treated than literally die of “embarrassment”. Today I had not one, but two women looking at my bits. There was a student nurse in. Now, I was given the option of her staying behind the curtain but if everyone did that, how would anyone learn? That would just be silly. I let her observe and joked the whole time to keep the atmosphere light. Anyway, I felt entitled to crack a few jokes, I was the only one in the room with my pants off…!

I then went to meet an old tutor of mine. I needed to pick up my portfolio and yet another certificate (the last thank goodness). He of course wasn’t there although we had made arrangements. He made his way in but I had to wait around for about an hour. We chatted for a while with him and his brother trying to find me a job. Most of the time they were pointing out places I had already applied to but there were a few avenues that I haven’t looked down yet.

On the drive back home my car started to smoke from under the bonnet. Not good. I got back, let it cool down and then checked the oil and water. I’ve topped both up which did involve a walk to the garage to buy oil. I’m not even sure I have enough oil yet but I can top it up more when I can mooch some oil from my dad. He is away the weekend so it’ll be when he gets back.

I feel like today has been a day of fighting fires. At least it’s been a quick one!

I’ll leave you with the picture I promised yesterday, the sock to mitt mid-knit conversion. I love how they turned out and I can see them getting a lot of wear.



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