Day 189

Day 189

Late post again. I guess that is what happens when I actually live my life, I forget to tell you about it.

Day 189 was a surprise, the man-shape and I had a spontaneous late celebration of our anniversary (7 years last month). I had picked him up and we were on our way back to my flat. Now, to fully understand the significance of the events that follow you need to know that the man-shape is not only a comic book geek but specifically a massive Spiderman fan. As we’re driving back he randomly mentions going to the cinema. Cinema trips are one of our favourite treats, for him a good film is acting school, film making school and entertainment all rolled into one and I love a well told story. As we’re talking I throw in that he had mentioned he really wanted to see the new Spiderman movie in an IMAX cinema. Next thing I know we have made a spontaneous plan, I have set a course correction in place for Edinburgh. We split the various costs between us and had a great day. Amazing Spiderman, here we come!

The film itself was possibly the closest thing I have ever seen to a perfect film. I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly why I liked this film so much more than the previous Spiderman films but then I realised. The best way to describe it, my personal feeling, this film had heart. I wish I could explain it better but really that is it. The characters are well written, well acted and you care about each one of them, including the bad guys. I cried a couple of times but anyone who knows me knows that I cry at pretty much everything.

I loved the music, it was perfect, subtle, non-intrusive but emotional and quite powerful when needed. I liked seeing some of the other characters that aren’t always used in the screen adaptations of the Spiderman story like Gwen Stacy. I love listening to the man-shape tell me his favourite stories from within that universe and many of them have involved Gwen Stacy in some way so to see her on screen I now feel a little bit more included.

As spontaneous days go, it was perfect. We laughed, we chatted about all things random, we ate some amazing pizza, we watched a great film, we came back to my flat and we relaxed with computer games for him and knitting for me and after all that fun and gentle adventure we woke up refreshed and ready to face whatever comes next.

I feel like I have had a weekend and for someone not in regular employment at the moment that is a real solid achievement. It was awesome! (“awesome” has been my adjective of choice all weekend, for me, everything has been “kinda awesome” this weekend and I’m alright with that!)

Have an awesome weekend (what is left of it) and an amazing week ahead!

KT. :-)

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