Day 186

Day 186

I have no plans for imminent travel but today I noticed that my European Health insurance card is due to expire next week so I went online and renewed it for free today. I want to be ready and able for any opportunities that happen to come up. I guess I’m trying to send out the message to the universe that I’m ready for adventures now.

I have also been looking into ways to get a bit more money coming in. Looks like I’ll be on a selling mission over the next couple of weeks and following up on anything else that it turns out I’m entitled to.

With 4th July being today I think I have been focused on creating my own independent future. I’ve also been thinking to the future that I really want to have in America. I still have no idea how I’ll get there or what I’ll do there but I am positive I am going to make it happen somehow. It needs to. I want it badly enough now and I’m getting tired of waiting and feeling held back, with that goal and others. I’m ready, let me at it!!

KT. :-)
Ps. Happy independence day to any and all American readers.

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