Day 183/184

Day 183 & 184

I let myself get too tired last night and I ended up missing a blog day. Quite a bit to talk about because I’d like to tell you a couple of the stories behind Saturdays pictures too.

On Saturday I visited Galloway Wildlife Conservation park. The park is run by a Deaf couple and I was there with a Deaf group (and an interpreter friend) for a fundraiser visit. It went very well, I learned a lot about the animals and had fun, mostly in my second language, BSL.

Of the photographs I shared, I held the tortoise! I didn’t realise quite how heavy they are, or that you can age them by counting the rings in the squares on their back – the same as ageing a tree.

The baby meerkats were only born a few weeks ago. They are the kind of cute that you feel so deep it is almost painful, they are cute till it hurts!

You might have noticed that the picture I posted of the grey wolf didn’t have any of the tell tale signs of an enclosure in the way, no bars or wire? That was because I was in the enclosure with the wolf. What a special moment that was. There is something very powerful about wolves, and you can feel it when you are so close to them. This wolf is new to the park and a little bit of a poser so I took a couple of good photos before just standing watching him (I think it was a ‘him’) for a little while. It was special.


Yesterday I spent time with the man-shape, just relaxing and being ‘us’. I’m glad that we still make time for days like that. To the outside world they probably look like lazy days but downtime, both separate and together is very important. Well, I believe it to be important anyway. I believe it grounds, settles the individual and also helps build the togetherness in the relationship too, even if you are just introducing the other to a new tv show you like, or are knitting while the other plays computer games… It was a nice day.

Today has been a little frustrating in one way. I was expecting a form to arrive in the post to be filled out for my police checks. It didn’t arrive. My membership pack to the association for my future career did arrive but with the wrong address for me and the wrong year on my card so it appears like my membership expired before it began… Is the universe trying to tell me something?!

The rest of my day was taken up by a little experiment. I did a very large food shop, for as cheaply and healthily as I could. I did my shop across 3 different supermarkets. Two were the well known “cheap” supermarkets here and the other was a mainstream “big 4” supermarket. Thanks to this experiment I now know where sells what and and roughly what prices. I know that cheap supermarket number 1 is best for cheap fruit and veg with number 2 close behind. But most of the frozen food I was looking for was only available in number 3. I should be eating well for at least a couple of weeks with what I bought and in a couple of weeks time a small fresh food shop will see me right through to next month (If I meal plan with what I have now)

All in all, productive day but not how I imagined when I woke up. Tomorrow is jobcentre sign on day and provided the post I am waiting for arrives, a day of form filling. Yippee! (I need a sarcasm font…)

Keep smiling!

KT. :-)

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