Day 179

Day 179

Feeling all better today. I had a bit of a spa morning with face pack and pampering. That was fun.

I had a rubbish afternoon though. I had a bored afternoon. I had plenty I could have done but no bloomin’ motivation to do anything. I used all my motivation up before lunchtime I think. At least the day hasn’t been too long in boredom land.

I did get a couple of things done career wise in the way of phone calls to the disclosure people to get my “yes you are a safe human to be around other humans” paperwork sent out to be filled out by me so I can finally get my registration sorted out. This part should have been worked out a few weeks ago but I didn’t know I needed to do it. Automatic emails are great when they are actually automatic and actually do send to give the recipient the information that they need…

But in spite of that lack of information I am now back in motion again. My membership to one half of the professional organisations goes live on the 1st of July. The other half will be shortly after now I know why it was held up.


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