Day 177

Day 177

I did a good thing today and I’d like I urge as many of you as possible, who are both able and allowed, to do the same. Today I gave a pint of my best O+ and hopefully someone somewhere will benefit from that pint of blood very soon (alternatively, should a hungry vampire intercept the van this once in an attempt to not feed from a human, I’m open to that too).

As you know I live in Scotland and for others here the site to check is



For those who haven’t ever donated blood before it is very easy (for those who don’t like needles please feel free to skip the rest of this post. Please come back tomorrow for a needle free -knitting needles don’t count- instalment). When you arrive you are given a form to fill in, mostly a check the boxes form so that they can be sure that donating is both safe for you and for whoever receives your blood.

Next you have your iron levels checked with a tiny drop of blood from your finger. I hate that bit because it stings and ALWAYS catches me unawares. But it is over before you can say “ouch”. Next in amongst all the waiting, it was busy when I was there, if all is well you get seated with one arm to the side and are prepped to donate. The needle being inserted really isn’t too bad at all, you know that it has been inserted but they are very quick.


About 10mins later (quicker for many, slower for me…) you will have donated a pint of blood that can be used to save lives, plural.


Last but not least, the best part – biscuits! Oh and a drink. Remember to eat before you go.

KT. :-)
Ps. Mum if you’re reading this, I did manage a full pint this time (forget blood being thicker than water, I fear mine is thicker than treacle). That is 6 out of my 8 donations now that have been full pints and I got a few tricks today to keep it flowing while donating.

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  1. Despite a phobia of needles I’ve tried a few times but got turned away for various reasons. Apparently they used to give people a glass of Guinness in Ireland for donating!

    1. Neither my mum nor dad can donate either. They have both jokingly been told not to come back because they are more trouble than they are worth. I’m not sure I’d thank them for Guinness, I’ve only ever taken a few sips of it. Now, if someone can give me a Baileys for donating, count me in!

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