Day 174

Day 174

Today was great! I took advice from Kyle Gray the Angel Whisperer and thanked the angels for a good day when I got up this morning. The weather was rubbish but the day was cheery.

The man-shape and I took a little jaunt through to Edinburgh. He had a prop to pick up from a play he did there a couple of weeks back and I wanted to get out of my flat so off we went. We had lunch in one of the places we went early in our relationship (it was both cheap and nostalgic). We then headed to Forbidden Planet, one of our favourite shops that sells comic books and other pop culture and memorabilia.

On the way there something kinda funny happened. The man-shape is taller than me, that’s not difficult though, I’m only 5’2″. We were walking across the road, his arm around me snuggled up and he sort of smirks and says “you’ve got a grey hair”. I rather indignantly reply that I know I have some pale blonde hairs scattered among my dark hair but I do not have any grey. This minor bicker goes back and forth until we reach the pavement on the other side of the road. He is totally adamant by this point so I demand to see… Now, the only way I am going to see this grey/white hair on the top of my head is if he removes it to show me. So there we are him leaning over me trying to only pluck this one hair out without causing me too much pain apologising before pulling and generally looking like an ape picking my flees. He removes the offending hair and what do you know, it is one very wiry, pure as snow, white hair. I couldn’t argue it was blonde, not even in jest.

So there it is, I’m going grey apparently! Well, if one lonely plucked out white hair is anything to by. Oh and that one random one that grows out of my left eyebrow every now and again for no earthly reason…

KT. :-)

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