Day 172

Day 172

I spent this evening with my mum and some of her friends at a special event. We had an evening with Kyle Gray, The Angel Whisperer. I don’t think of Kyle as “The Angel Whisperer”. I think of Kyle as the cool, medium, quirky kid I met years ago at a colour workshop I took with my mum. He was only 15 when we met him the first time.

Good news is he remembered both my mum and I after so long.

When we first went in everyone was to pick an angel card that would hopefully be a message for us, answer a question perhaps, and that we could take away with us. Anyone who reads this blog can have a chuckle with me about how totally apt the card I picked was… Here it is.


It really is the message I needed to hear because it is what I already know to be true, I just need to trust it. I was also reminded this evening that I have a history of being a good manifester when I put my mind to it. I guess I better get on that then!

Thank you angels for the good things already on their way to me.

Please check out for more information about Kyle and details of his new book. It should be an interesting read and I wish him every success.

Ps. In case you are wondering, every reading/message he gave tonight was bang on the money. Kyle is the real deal.

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