Day 170

Day 170

Well, I am already starting to feel better. I spent most of today with the man-shape and never has it been more needed (for both of us I think). We talked about the business we want to run some day and were talking proper concrete plans. The hardest part by far will be funding. But we have a big dream and the drive to make it a reality.

Something else happened a few moments ago. I, by chance, heard a song I used to love when I was younger. The song was Want You Bad by The Offspring. It is such an upbeat song and I love the lyrics. The man-shape (and a few others) would most likely tell you that, I’m paraphrasing the song here, my one vice is I’m too nice. I always saw that song as being my permission to misbehave a little (ie do what I would like to rather than what I think I should do). And that song always makes me smile so much.

I love it when a song comes out of nowhere and changes how you think, feel or behave. And this song reminded me of one of my mission statements from this year: “I aim to misbehave”. Thank you Mal Reynolds, one of my favourite Joss Whedon creations for that one.

So here I am, reminded, refreshed and happy and aiming to misbehave (but only a little…!)

KT. :-)

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