Day 160

Day 160

What is romance?

I have been watching a LOT of tv today so please forgive this little side step from your usual programming.

So, what is romance? For me, romance is akin to chivalry.


Romance is being offered a mans coat when it is cold. It is being cooked a lovely meal. It is looking at the stars together. It is taking a walk in silence. It is being introduced to family with pride and a thank you for just being you. It is holding hands. It is having the door opened for you. It is that look across the room that both asks “are you ok?” and says “you are beautiful” in one. It is the private joke that nobody else hears. It is letting future plans spill out while you are under the influence of alcohol and not being ashamed of those plans in the morning.

Romance is sending flowers by text message when you can’t be there in person. It is believing in each other even when you don’t believe in yourselves. It is doing something completely unexpected and outrageous to surprise the other just because you can. It is stroking my hair and saying it smells nice. It is making something small to cheer the other up. It is hiding secret love notes in those things you have made. It is punching my arm gently and pretending to run away.


Romance is being proud of me and saying so. It is laughing together over something totally stupid that nobody else gets. It is forgiving me for my flaws. It is not noticing my flaws in the first place. It is dancing together, music or not. It is all the little things, and the big gestures.

In short, romance cannot be separated from love.

KT. :-)

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