Day 159

Day 159

I spent about 3 hours in the kitchen today. About 2 of them were spent cleaning and organising and 1 spent cooking lunch and dinner. I’ve noticed a pattern in myself, when I am upset pr feeling down my first instinct is to hide away for the day, sit in front of the tv and craft all day. However, the over riding need to clean and tidy and generally be house proud tends to take over.

I had many business and job hunting things to do today. I should have exercised (although the scrubbing the kitchen got felt pretty close to a work out) but I didn’t. I followed my heart and gut and did what I needed to today. I can’t keep letting myself fall down the rabbit hole but at least I have a clean kitchen to show for my day. And some washing done. And a new phone cover made to replace the one the man-shape lent me when my case broke causing the smash to the screen, and 1 more repeat of the leg chart on the sock (6 rounds).

But really today I mostly indulged myself. I’m hoping for an early night and to wake up feeling like I can get started again. I can’t keep letting myself just tick over.


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