Day 157

Day 157

The day things break.

Anyone know where to get a cheap screen for an iPhone 4?? Oh yes, mine is smashed to bits. The phone still works but it looks awful and I’m not sure how long it will keep working for.

I can upgrade my phone in 8weeks. I’m hoping it will last that long because I can neither afford nor am willing to shell out to have this fixed or to buy a new one.

The fan in my bathroom broke today as well. With my car a couple of weeks ago needing a new clutch I just feel like everything is breaking and someone wants me to struggle more than I needed to in this period between being regularly employed and successful self-employed. If that is the case I’ve had enough and I am ready to return to regularly scheduled programming thanks.

I really hope my plans start working out soon.

Ps. Funeral tomorrow so blog post will most likely be brief.

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