Day 152

Day 152

I’m not sure how much more sadness I can take. I have had another very sad day today.

Roughly 20 years ago my family brought home a new member. We brought home Jazz, a kitten from a cat rescue home. He had been abandoned and he was in a bad way and we were warned by the staff that he might not make it through the week. He did make it through the week, he was a loving little fighter.

Jazz has been struggling a little bit as he got older, he has had thyroid problems on and off for 10years. He had vision problems and had lost most of his hearing. But he kept fighting.

This morning he collapsed. He couldn’t move his back legs properly. With all of his problems the decision was made to do the kindest thing for him. I’m gutted, but he had a good long life with us. I’ll miss him very much.

Jazz T. 1992 -2012



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  1. Jazz was a loving cat with lots of character. He will be missed by those who knew him. And especially missed by those of us who loved him.

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