Day 151

Day 151

I had an important meeting today. I had a meeting with business gateway, they are a government funded organisation that helps give support and advice to people starting out in business for the first time. I was talking to the adviser about being a self employed sign language interpreter.

As well as talking through ideas with him he also showed me an already set up spreadsheet that can be used for profit/loss that I will get a copy of. He is also going to send me business plan templates and other helpful information. This is all useful not just for sign language interpreting but I am hoping that the man-shape and I will be able to put our dream of owning/running our own production company into practice a lot easier using these tools (if only the funding side was so easy!).

I am still feeling quite sad today but I have been taking it easy, minimal chores, making home made soup and tatting to keep myself busy. I have been practicing last ring to first ring joins using small motifs. I did a couple today and photographed them with previous ones over the last few days. I have gotten exactly 1 right so far…!

Here they are.



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