Day 149

Day 149

I spent huge portions of today procrastinating. Why do we do it to ourselves? Instead of just biting the bullet and getting the stuff we don’t want to do done. I have gotten much better at anti-procrastination lately but with my latest skills test… I just didn’t want to do it for some reason. Fear of failure perhaps?

Anyways, I’m nearly done and can put the finishing touches to it in the morning before heading to Edinburgh for interview, training and then BSL event. Looks like it will be a sign language focused day for me tomorrow.

I had a great dinner and chat this evening with an interpreter friend. She and others are really helping me find a path to travel along and start some form of career for myself. After this evening I am starting to believe its possible again (that belief had been wavering a little in the last couple of weeks). Good things are coming.


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