Day 143

Day 143

Quick day today. It started in a rather lovely way with a present! I had done a karma swap on Ravelry and claimed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel. I’m not normally a graphic novel kinda girl, but thanks to the man-shape’s love of all things comic book and graphic novel I can on occasion be persuaded. And I’ll probably always have a soft spot for Buffy anyway. So, I claimed – graphic novel. This is what arrived…


And mgasammie (as she is on Ravelry) was sweet enough to also include a 1972 Golden Hands mag which has tatting patterns in.


My tatting has been a little neglected for the past few days. I figured out a few ways to solve my tension problem thanks to the amazing people on but since then I haven’t done much. It takes so much concentration from me just now I am finding the small amount of crafting I am doing is the kind I can more easily multi-task with (ie knitting or crochet granny squares). But even then I’ve not done as much as I normally would.

I am hoping to remedy that tomorrow after another mammoth cleaning session. The good news about my mammoth cleaning/tidying sessions is they take about half the time they did at the start of the year. My biggest jobs for tomorrow will be cleaning the bathroom and a declutter session in the living room/ hall cupboard. There isn’t much more in there than there was at the start of the year but it’s getting disorganised again. I’m just glad it won’t take weeks to put right, like it used to.

Time for sleep. I am starting to collect part finished things/jobs again. Tomorrow I want to start remedying that.

KT :-)

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