Day 142

Day 142

Today, Monday, start of a new week, and start of a fresh attempt and “no excuses”. By this I mean taking a task and following it through to completion. Attempting to not procrastinate.

That meant a morning spent recovering from being up till 2am to meet a 9am submission deadline (I’m trying my hand at knitting pattern design…). I spent morning and early afternoon on the research for business start up and organising a meeting with an advisor.

Next I did what I had planned for exercise today, a long brisk walk. I went to the park. It was an hour and a half of walking to and then around the park and back while listening to an audiobook. I stopped to take a could of pictures.




It was a gorgeous day and I’m really glad I spent some of it outside exercising.

And in other good news, I have my car back! (aka my right arm has been re-attached). It was a cheap repair for what it was but it was still a three figure sum with bad timing. I’ll be able to juggle things it just adds an extra challenge.

I had great plans for this evening but I accidentally fell down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and lost a couple of hours. One click leads to another… And another… And another!!

I have great plans for tomorrow that are a continuation of today’s hard work. I am excited to get up for another day tomorrow (even if it does include a jobcentre visit)

I wish I could explain this better but I feel like I’m just on my way back. I’m not quite sure where I’ve been.

KT :-)

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