Day 140

Day 140

What a funny day. I’ve discovered I’m a bit of an idiot at times.

I have cleaned the bedroom top to bottom, done a bit of reading, started working on my tension problems I’ve noticed with my tatting.

I went to make my dinner. I have been planning to make chilli all week. I went to the supermarket last night for the last couple of ingredients I needed with plans to make it today. I went and got all my ingredients together and what was I missing? Oh yeah, the chilli powder…

Another walk to the supermarket later and I had everything and eventually made a nice chilli.

I have also had the news that my car is fixable but I need to find a way of juggling my money to have £120 to pay for it. The timing sucks. But as always, I’ll manage. Still smiling!

KT :-)

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