Day 139

Day 139

Don’t you just love those days that start off great and then go to hell in a hand basket?

This morning I heard from a friend I thought I’d lost touch with. I was bouncing texts back and forward with other friends too. I was making a bit more progress on the road to self employment and I felt pretty fantastic.

This evening my car broke down. Looks like a burnt out clutch. I really could do without both the inconvenience and potential expense right now. And how come whenever I break down I’m always on the motorway?!

Well I discovered a new talent in this whole process. Apparently I am good at being the person controlling the car being towed. I’ve done that on the end of a pole before but this was my first time using a rope or strap. I have hidden talents, who knew?

So as you can hopefully tell by my hidden talent conversation I made a choice after the stressful part was over today. I can’t do anything else about it today so I’m not going to let it get to me. Hopefully I’ll find out how bad it is/how expensive it is going to be tomorrow. And you know what? Whatever happens, I’ll deal with it somehow. And I’ll be fine.

KT :-)

Ps. I can’t even get this bloomin’ blog to post! I am laughing quite hard. It’s just so typical of the day!

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