Day 138

Day 138

Flat tyre. That was the main point of interest today. It led me to seeing my dad because thankfully I have a couple of spare tyres stored at his house.

All in all today has felt strange from start to finish and not at all in a bad way. Today feels like the start of a new beginning. Plans are in motion career wise and relationships of all kinds have moved in a more positive direction. And all in unexpected ways.

And to top it all, I didn’t even have much of a hangover to speak of after letting my hair down last night. I feel like I dodged a bullet there! I don’t want to turn into some drunken party girl but it was nice to have a night out and not suffer too badly for it.

Life feels like it is all moving in the right direction. I haven’t felt this sure of things in a really long time.

KT :-)

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