Day 135

Day 135

Unlike yesterday, today has been a day of small victories. I got gauge for the mystery knit along so now I know I’ll be able to take part. I just need to wait until next Sunday for the first clue.

I appear to have sorted out my council tax benefit now too. I also got a job done for my aunt that took me way longer than I planned but it is done now.

I briefly saw the man-shape and I can call that a win too because he is keeping busy and that is great, he is having small victories of his own and that makes me happy, and most of all, he showed great support to me today.

In spite of my little victories I have been in danger of crumbling a little today. My routine is all messed up. I want to sleep way more than is normal. To quote him “you’re mentally exhausted. Take a break tonight and like me, you’ll wake up with a plan of action tomorrow. But rest tonight.”. It’s crazy how much I’ve been wanting to, and letting myself, sleep for the last couple of days. But all the sleep isn’t making me nice and refreshed, it’s making me groggy and that isn’t good.

Tonight I did rest. I had a glass of wine, watched some tv and video chatted to my grandpa for an hour on Skype. I know I could be doing lots but if I don’t take a wee break I’ll just crack and them ill be no good to anyone. Tomorrow, again, I wake up and start building some structure again.


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