Day 130

Day 130

This is really day 129 & day 130. The last couple of days have been both busy and relaxed.

Lets start with the less fun part. I have had two visits to the job centre to sort out my job seekers benefit. The first was the initial visit and the second was a more in depth look at what I want to do for work. I left both appointments feeling a little confused by conflicting information and quite patronised by the people who dealt with me. Hearing “clever girl!” from one of them was possibly the most patronising part of the whole experience. They are not helpful in the slightest and to be honest, if someone hasn’t already gone through job coaching because of a redundancy programme like I have they could be completely lost. Is it any wonder unemployment is so high in this country?

Other than that what have I been up to? Well last night I was back in Edinburgh. It was last night of the man-shapes show an although I didn’t go in to watch it I was around for the drinks afterwards. It was great, everyone was friendly and I felt involved even though they didn’t know me. I hope that the next time I am included with people I don’t know they are as welcoming.

Today I finished the slipper socks. Going pattern free was a first and showed me that I have skills I didn’t know. I can sometimes count and I can use logic to figure out a knitted item. I am going to write out the notes in a pattern format so that I can recreate the 6 day socks again some time.


I have also picked up the tatting shuttle again this evening. I have started a new pattern, no other reason that to see if I can do it. I am also going to be working on chokers for people.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. But I know that I’ll be ready for it!

KT :-)

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