Day 128

Day 128

Where to start?

Well, my CV is totally up to date (both of them, I have two, focused on different things). The second slipper sock is knit down to the heel which I can do tomorrow. Only a couple more days left in that if that is my tv break crafting. I restarted the crochet blanket (remember that?). I had to relearn how to start my granny square because I’d forgotten but I got another 2 squares done.

I got a new pair of jeans today, they are a kind of slouchy style. They fit really well in all the right places. They are SOOOO comfy and they are flattering! What a win.

And I think I have sort of figured out what I am going to do when I grow up. But more than that, I even think I have a plan. It is not a conventional course of action, but conventional was making me miserable. It is time to work for me. And there are a couple of different strands to what that looks like. Tomorrow, I have a serious amount of research to do and plans to finalise. I hope it is all still so clear in my head when I wake up tomorrow.

And speaking of waking up tomorrow, I have my first appointment at the job centre tomorrow morning. I’m really not looking forward to that at all.

KT :-)

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