Day 127

Day 127

This evening is a very large full moon. Today is also when mother nature decides to remind me I’m female. Those two things combined should really lead to me being entirely loopy. I’m managing to remain only a wee bit loopy. I think I’m doing well so far.

Today I finished the first slipper sock. I’m kind of winging it based on what I know of sock construction. That has led to a decent amount of ripping out and recalculating, some of it would have been quicker and more successful if I could count in the first place!

If the second sock goes well based on my notes I might write it down as a pattern. I’m only reluctant because it is basically just a plain sock pattern but scaled for chunky yarn. I’m sure there are already many patterns out there for that but I couldn’t find one to suit my needs. That’s why I’m winging it in the first place and why I still might write it down properly.


This evening I saw the man-shape perform in a play in Edinburgh. It was a bit far to travel given current money constraints but well worth it. I wasn’t expecting much from the show to be honest, the plot didn’t thrill me. It is essentially 80s satire being performed 25 years too late. I did really enjoy it though. There were a couple of stand out performances, of which the man-shape was one (I’m not saying that because I have to, it just is what it is. He’s good. I can’t deny it). I found it funny, and it had a touching moment or two thrown in. Perhaps the audience could have been a little more vocal this evening but being in the audience it just felt like everyone was absorbed in the story. It wasn’t an easy piece for the actors, they didn’t have much to work with in the way of set in particular, (they just had boxes to move around the stage) and they had multiple characters to play that needed to be identifiable to the audience. That all worked very well until near the end of the play when everything comes to a head and they have to be so many characters in rapid succession, personally that could have been a little cleaner in terms of direction but it didn’t detract from the story, or the performances, too negatively.

I’m really glad that I got to see it, to show my support, to get swept away in my love of his talent and to sit in an audience and feel proud.

I look forward to a day in the future when many other people have seen him, know who he is, and I am the trophy girl on his arm beaming with pride (knowing that he is proud of me too, for being way more than any trophy).

Ok, I’m starting to ramble & the loopy is threatening to come out now so I’m off to bed. Next week brings more adventures.

KT :-)

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