Day 126

Day 126

Since my job finished up last week I’ve been expecting to experience some kind of crash, a day or two when I feel down. Today is the closest I’ve come. It lasted a couple of hours, first I was bored, then I had no motivation to do anything. I felt lethargic, tired and a bit defeated.

A bit later after that I let my poor brain fall down a rabbit hole. I made the mistake of comparing myself to others and not favourably. Big mistake.

Thankfully I recognised it for what it was quite quickly. I forced myself to as best as possible, snap out of it. I then decided to remedy the problem.

Cue the pamper session. I’ve plucked and preened, I’ve painted and polished and I’m not done. From toe nails to eyebrows, and everything else too. If I can find away to help myself feel better about a part of me (external) I’ve put plans in place to make it happen. Face mask, toe nails filed and polished, eyebrows plucked. I’m about to try to do something to my hair, moisturise all over and then top it off with a good beauty sleep. Tomorrow I should be ready to face whatever the day has to throw at me.

KT :-)

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