Day 125

Day 125

Apologies in advance, this may become a rant.

Why does the Internet have to turn some people into horrible people? I am a member of a community of supposed to be like-minded people. We are almost always good people but why do some people think it is ok to take advantage of the good nature of others when they can hide behind the Internet veil and turn nasty when they are caught out? Seriously, sarcasm can be funny. It can also be down right nasty. There is just no need for nastiness, especially when you are only being nasty because you know you’ve been caught out, the jig is up so to speak.

Seriously people, play nice. Or I’ll be forced to write a strongly worded email…

Anyway! One week into unemployment. My kitchen is sparkling clean after today. But honesty? I’m bored now. I’m pretty sure I will wake up tomorrow with energy again like I did today and be ready to conquer something new again. I got so far today and then all motivation for serious things left the building. For the first time in my life I have a serious case of start’itus. It is a new sensation for me, I can only assume it is because of my situation. I just feel the need to get lots of projects going now.

So far I have started…
1. The tatted chokers for order (but because they have purpose they are in danger of slipping down the list.)
2. A crochet penguin. I have no idea why, I just had the urge to crochet. I wish it didn’t take so much counting!
3. A chunky knitted project. It may be for a birthday present so I can’t say too much here just in case. If it doesn’t work out, it will be for me.

And on top of those already started things, the crochet blanket is still a WIP and I spent over two hours last night on Ravelry and with books trying to match projects the the yarn I have. I hope this doesn’t get out of control!

If anyone asks, I am clutter clearing my yarns.

KT :-)

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  1. I totally understand KT! Miss you!! And skype me soon :). We are heading to the Scottish Heritage festival today in my home town. There is a guy there with the most yummy yummy Welsh cookies. Not diet friendly, but oh so tasty, lol.

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