Day 123

Day 123

Well, the paperwork is all but organised. There will be photos but it got too late tonight to do them properly.

I am working on a paper-flow flow-chart. It sounds a bit superfluous, even to me, but the point of the exercise is to really think about why all previous attempts at organisation have failed and this time to have a “no excuses” plan in place that is simple and easy to maintain. It’s like any other habit, it might be a little tricky at first but I am confident I will come up with something idiot proof for me to follow and I will post it to the site when I have finished it.

I had a lovely moment today where I was sat on my living room floor grinning. I was shredding paper (one black bag of rubbish and counting btw) and I was down to the last few things to shred. It was the “to do” lists from the job I have just finished. Sure, that job was right at the time but it was never really what I thought it would be and in so many ways I am glad that it’s over, even if that means a difficult time. With those shredded lists, I let that one go. It felt good!

Tomorrow is another day and I hope it is even more productive than the last couple of days. I am starting to see progress now. Getting to a sort of “point zero” in organisation and clearing out that I couldn’t have done without this time is seeming like a closer and closer goal to achieve. It’s scary, it’s stressful, but it’s fun! And this time is kinda kick starting what I hoped this blog would achieve from the beginning, a much more streamlined life long term.

KT :-)

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