Day 122

Day 122

Being unemployed is hard work!

Today has been a mildly frustrating day. I had the dream of staying in my pyjamas all day while sorting paperwork and making phone calls. I spent more than an hour trying to get through to the job centre to make an appointment and in the end got dressed and walked up to speak to someone. I was told I had to apply online and was given the web address.

I walked back home and filled out my application but now I have to wait to be given an appointment. The rest of the day has been spent revisiting my paperwork. Those who have been with me since the beginning might remember the big paperwork cull I did before New Year. I am at it again. It is a mess, chaos, and I still can’t just put my hands on anything I am looking for. Being able to quickly and easily locate documents is rather important at the moment and I am clearing out again and designing an easier system. I am also working at clearing out the little nagging things that have sat for months (years in some cases). These are things like changing the address on non-vital things. Some news letters and the like still go to my dads address. I’m a grown up. I should have fixed this ages ago. Now is the time!

I am working on designing a much simpler paper flow system for myself, something that I will be able to set a few minutes to each week to keep on top of. That will be much easier with no backlog. And for this short time, I will be able to both deal with backlog and set up a flow. I say short time because I have no intentions of being long term unemployed. I am very employable and willing an able to work. I am taking this time as a blessing and using it wisely (I hope).

There wasn’t much time for anything else. Actually dealing with paperwork rather than pulling out the easily shredded, just looking at the rest lots of times then filing it all away again is proving to take some time but it WILL be finished tomorrow. I have too many other things I want to do (like organise the living room better). I’ll post details of my new and improved paper flow systems tomorrow.

KT :-)

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