Day 99

Day 99

Sort of a day of rest. It wasn’t a day for me, it was a day spent mostly with the man-shape. We went to the hospital again this evening to visit his gran. She is doing a little better than I expected but I hate that she is in pain.

Sock number 1 is finished!! Now to not get caught in the trap of second sock syndrome. I can’t see it happening. I am desperate for this pair to be done and getting used. I need a change of yarn scene now.

I wish I could say I’d done more today but I haven’t. All I have done is mentally make notes about how to shake things up for round 2 as I am affectionately calling it. I have plans for each sector of this website and that includes some new page content. I am looking forward to giving you the full run down of the next part of the plan tomorrow.


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