Day 98

Day 98

Allowing myself a break led to a 10 hour sleep last night. Amazingly I still woke up groggy. I haven’t done much today. I didn’t even leave my flat.

I have all but finished the first sock!! I haven’t bound it off because I want my mum to try it on for size first. I have a horrible feeling that it might be a smidge too small… If it is I might cry.

Other than that I spent my day watching tv and reading. I finished the second Hunger Games book. I loved it! I think the first is still my favourite, if only because of how quickly the second was wrapped up. It felt very fast and very disorienting but I think leading into book 3 that was intentional.

I spent my day keeping my mind occupied because I’m hormonal and my emotions are still all over the place. I am taking things personally that I am pretty sure either aren’t about me at all. That is a long time failing of mine and I am not sure how to conquer it. I anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them.

Right, I am off to bed. Might try for another rejuvenating sleep.


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