Day 97

Day 97

Today has been tough. The man-shape’s gran is still holding on but that is hard for all of us. It is sad and causing us all strain as we each deal with things the best we know how. And we all deal with these things differently.

Because I am also feeling not at my best I am putting all thoughts of my challenges on hold for a couple of days. I’ll still blog what I’ve been up to but my main focus is rest and recuperation. I am aware that I have pushed myself quite hard so far this year in many ways and although I could push myself in a more focused way to see results faster it is still tough at times. Possibly harder for myself because of my scatter gunned approach. Saying I am taking a couple of days off doesn’t mean I won’t do anything, a lack of pressure might be just the ticket and progress might still be made. But boy howdy do I need to give myself a break. For my sanity and the sanity of those around me.

Today I did manage to tidy the kitchen and deal with a load of washing. I hope to do similar maintenance tasks as they occur to me over the next couple of days. My next wave starts again in two days time. Monday will be day 100 and I am thinking about ways to see results faster and easier, or at least more structured. If I don’t I’m going to end up disheartened and quitting. And I’ve never been one for quitting!

Today, in a plan to escape reality for a while I purchased the second and third books in the Hunger Games series. I would like to post my thoughts on these as I finish them.

I can only apologise for how downtrodden I sound tonight and I hope you’ll stay with me as I have a little rest. I hereby give you all permission to take a personal day this weekend. Lose yourself in a good story, make something that brings a smile to your face, pamper yourself and feel pretty (because you are), call a friend or loved one, do something that makes your heart sing. Do all those things or something even better I haven’t thought of yet. Do it because you are worth the time. Do it because we all need to sometimes. As Nike would say Just Do It!!

Sweet dreams everyone.


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