Day 95

Day 95

I have been ruled by my hormones today I think. I’ve been very irritable but I’m not going to dwell on that.

Today I did something that showed me I am thinking in a goal-focused way. I was given an amazon gift voucher for my birthday and normally that would mean to me more books ie more clutter/stuff. I thought a little different today. I checked first my wishlist. I then had a look at the books I wanted most and the cheapest way of getting them. The books I was looking at were ones that will help me with my personal goals or my crafty life.

I then noticed the kindle versions on two of them. I don’t own a kindle. I don’t particularly want or need a kindle. But I do have a kindle app for my phone and computer…! I downloaded the samples for two of the books to see how they looked on my phone. One of them is an exercise book by Jillian Michaels who I love to bits. The kindle version is enhanced with videos to demonstrate the moves. When I had checked it all worked the way I wanted I downloaded the full version. Lots of information the cheapest way with no extra clutter. (give or take the digital clutter)

I did the same with Brett Bara’s sewing in a straight line book. I love how the diagrams and photographs look on my phone and mac and again, it was the cheapest way. I am really happy with my decision. Also, because they are instant downloads I started reading the Brett Bara book on the way home.

With nearly the last of my voucher I still had enough for a book about tatting that comes very highly recommended. I can only get a physical copy of that but still from the cheapest seller including the postage.

My old way? Two physical books.
My new way? One physical book and two digital ones, one of which is enhanced by 80odd videos!

A much better way of thinking and definitely shows I’m moving in the right direction.

KT :-)
Ps. Got a few more rounds of the sock done but I swear that thing shrinks when I’m not looking!

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