Day 121

Day 121

Today I had my last relaxed bit of freedom. Sure I freaked out a little when I checked the bank balance and wasn’t sure when it would next be replenished but there is no point in panicking. So today I had fun.

I have now seen The Avengers. I totally loved it. It was funnier than I was expecting and that can I only be a good thing. I spent time with the man-shape and it was lovely. Totally needed and made me want more.

This evening I spent with mum. It went by very quickly too. My whole day has been in fast forward. My last day of letting my hair down. Tomorrow I start putting some plans in place. I’m psyched up and ready to go. Fear can wait!

I promised another picture of the socks. So that is what I will leave you with. Wish me a productive day tomorrow. I have A LOT I’d like to get done.



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