Day 120

Day 120

Some things go to plan. Some things don’t.

Today I spent in Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh, even when it’s cold and windy (which is most of the time). While in Edinburgh I finished the socks! I am really pleased with that. It is strange how much yarn I have left over though. I’ll need to weigh it to see how much is there. I have taken a picture but I’ll take a better one tomorrow.

I have also finished the tatting on the first choker. It isn’t completely finished, I still need to buy ribbon and block it so that it is finished properly but I’m thinking I’ll do more tatting for the next couple of projects/orders first.

I didn’t see The Avengers this evening, instead I saw The Cabin in The Woods. I loved it. I love seeing films with original ideas that aren’t either sequels, remakes, reboots or sequel worthy. It is so rare these days. I’ll admit, it did have some similar themes to The Hunger Games but as it was filmed so long ago I don’t think we can cry foul.

Thanks to circumstances out with our control the man-shape and I are hoping for a do-over tomorrow night for The Avengers. But it is very dependant on circumstances so I’m not pinning my hopes just yet.

Some things go to plan, some don’t.



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