Day 119

Day 119

Quiet day today. I got some tidying up done. My flat has descended into near chaos over the last couple of weeks. It’s nice to bring back some order. It didn’t take long for either the kitchen or bedroom to look presentable. The living room is going to be the pain. There is just no system there, no organisation to keep things flowing nicely. It will have a big impact on my life if I can get that sorted sooner rather than later.

In knitting news, the socks are nearly done!! Just the toes tomorrow and the never ending socks will no longer be never ending. I’m glad I’ve seen that they do fit. I seem to have more yarn left over than should be possible… I’m guessing (hoping) that it is because I kept the ankles a little shorter for mums comfort.

Mum, if you’re reading this, can we get together on Monday for me to give them too you maybe? Hope you’re free.

This evening I rewatched Captain America, I wanted to watch Thor too but I ran out of time. I watched that tonight to get me in the mood for tomorrow night. Tomorrow I have plans to see The Avengers! I am refusing to call the film by its UK release name (Avengers Assemble), I really think that the UK people are smart enough to not get a 1960s tv show mixed up with a current Marvel superhero film… Anyways, I’m really looking forward to it, all (but one) of my favourite actors and my favourite characters are there in the one film! Too good.

KT :-)

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