Day 117

Day 117

I have spent the evening working on my work laptop. I wanted to make sure I handed it back all nice and organised. I cleared out the drawers at my desk today too. I have been trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row. I don’t want things to be difficult for anyone else after I have left my post.

But the preparations for leaving have left me with a huge question…

What comes next?

At this point I have no idea. I have done what I can, I have sent out CVs with cover letters, and kept an eye out for any jobs that I can apply for. But now all that is left is leaving it up to the universe to decide what is next for me.

I have many things I would like to do. I have at least two businesses I would like to start, one craft based one and one in tv/film. I am going to get to work on both of these while looking for something based in what I have studied for years.

I am sure I will not end up with nothing. I work hard and I’m creative. I just really want what comes next to be a little more me if that makes any sense.

In a conversation with my mum yesterday (hi mum!) she mentioned the fact that I have changed since leaving chemistry. She mentioned two ways that I have changed, 1. I’m ‘softer’ and 2. My creative side has come back. I am not sure how much of that is linked to leaving chemistry and how much would have naturally happened anyway, but I am happy with those changes (for the most part) regardless of the cause.

I hope I sleep well tonight. Tomorrow another chapter closes ready for something else to open up for me. I want to be wide awake to face whatever it may be.

KT :-)

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