Day 116

Day 116

2 days left of my current job and I’m swinging between fear and excitement. Part of me wishes I knew what was coming next and that everything will be fine. Part of me is content to go with the flow and wait for what happens.

This is uncertain but I can’t help but think that whatever is coming next for me is going to be good, better than anything that is been before. I think that is why excitement is winning so far.

If anyone has any good ideas of ways to keep money coming in that I might not have thought of, please leave a comment for me.

In the meantime I will leave you with a little picture of a butterfly that I tatted this evening to use up some of the thread from my shuttle and to keep practicing. It was a little mindless, in front of the tv tatting.

So many people see butterflies as a symbol of rebirth, it seems appropriate for just now.



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