Day 113

Day 113

I had a lovely Sunday. I spent most of it in Edinburgh and that always makes my heart sing a bit. About 7 years ago I lived there and I have quite the soft spot for it. But I was there with purpose. Today I met Kersti of We chatted for hours about anything and everything and I feel like I met a kindred spirit. I can learn a lot from her and her way of thinking. She has spark and it was great!

I spent my evening working on a design for a knit bag. I was working on a chart for an illusion knit. It hasn’t gone well. I understand the concept and can pull the chart together but to get the right effect for the picture I want to show it is just going to be too big I think. I’m not going to be able to scale it down and do a swatch in time for the submission date. And I’m not even sure I have the know how, or the patience to scale it down. I can think of so many other things I’d rather be doing. Like practicing my new found love of tatting and all the techniques I have yet to try. I think I know where my focus will be this time…

Well, one more week of secured paid employment to go. I have moved past fear and entered excitement. This could be fabulous! It is not going to be an easy time but the possibilities for me now are endless.

Watch this space for my next move!

KT :-)

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