Day 112

Day 112

Erm… I think I’ve just accidentally started my own business….!

Ok, let me start at the beginning. The more into tatting I have been getting, the more it is something I love to do and would love to do more of. That being the case I have considered starting my own business around the craft of tatting.

It feels like the universe is pulling me in that direction, dropping heavy hints that this is one way I could go at this point in time. I think I will end up having multiple revenue streams in time and all in the different skills I have to offer in areas that I love. But the door to tatting has swung open hardest, fastest and loudest.

Whenever I have shown off my tatting efforts so far the response has been universally positive. That could be because the people that are my friends want to be nice and encouraging. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they would want to buy the finished product, however nice it is. But it is not only people who are my friends that I have ha positive feedback from now.

This evening I went out for dinner with one of my closest friends. After a hellish time on the trains, yet again, I ended up having to call my dad and ask him for a lift. I was half an hour late. We talked and caught up, time flew by. And then it was time for our last trains home. I had a great night. (I always do when I’m with her).

It was on that train that my idea for a crafty business around tatting went from an idea to a potentially real thing. Isn’t it great when a random sequence of events takes you somewhere you could never have imagined? Call it angels, call it the universe, call it serendipity, call it what ever you like! Tonight’s sequence of events went something like this…

I got the last train (thankfully it was running). I chose to get on the first carriage because it is closer to the stairs at the station I get off at, even though the second carriage stopped closer to me. When I got on the train I walked past the first empty seats heading for the front of the carriage. I stopped short and turned back for a seat in the middle. Opposite me was a couple. I took my boot off because my insole had all rolled up. Someone asked if my feet were sore too, I said no and put the boot back on fixed. The man opposite me jokingly asked how many pairs of socks I was wearing (the stripes made it look like two). I said only one and added a throwaway comment that I wished I was wearing a pair I’d knitted. He says that he has someone to knit his socks and points to the woman he’s with. She is a sock knitter too!

We got talking about knitting, and about other things we did. I showed her the choker I was wearing and she showed me the pearls she was wearing that she had made, earrings and a bracelet. She asked if I had a business. I said I was thinking about one soon. She has just started her own business with her pearl jewellery (I will add a link to her website tomorrow, I don’t have her card beside me). To make a long story longer the train journey ended with her saying that if I start my business she has already put in an order for 3 chokers for presents for her nieces.

My business has started. I have my first order.


KT :-)

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    1. Thank you so much! I am excited for all the possibilities of what will come next in my life. This could be a very fun time! :-)

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