Day 106

Day 106

Short post today. The lurgy is threating to hit me. My throat doesn’t feel right and my brain is working mush slower than I’d like it to. I spent some time with the man-shape this evening and then I drove him to the hospital. I didn’t dare go into the ward in case I made already sick people any sicker. I am currently sipping on some Southern Comfort to try and kill any bugs before they can take hold. I’m going to aim for an early night too.

My brain delay must have started last night I knit the heel of the second sock last night but when I turned the heel this morning I realised that something was seriously squiffy. I hadn’t split the stitches evenly somehow and being so sure that I had I didn’t count… Rookie mistake. I have had to rip the heel out back down to the leg. I have split the stitches evenly but I am not going to make another attempt until I am not working on a delay any more.

This better not come to anything, I don’t have time to get sick just now.


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  1. Please rest and take very good care of yourself. I find that eating oranges and drinking a lot of tea really helps. And knitting of course!

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