Day 104


Day 104

Today, yet another weird one. Good in most ways but less good in a couple. Not going to focus on the bad bits though, that wouldn’t change anything and wouldn’t help. Just no point.

So, to the good bits! Half day Fridays are always good and then after work I met with one of my oldest friends, in length of service rather than age. Thinking about it, she must be my oldest friend, she is my only friend from primary school age that I am still in touch with. We don’t live close any more and we don’t see each other very often because of that but even when we haven’t been in touch for a while it is always easy when we see each other again.

We went for coffee and I have to share this picture of the coffee. It is so cute! I talked far too much but it was great to catch up with her and find out more about her daughter and what her and her husband have been doing. I knew I missed her but I know that I don’t want it to get so long next time. I am missing so much. Aunty KT wants to play with the little’un!

When I came back I tidied the bedroom to make it easier to get started on project bedroom. I am feeling brave so I am going to share the “before” pictures. (at least it’s tidy!)

You can click on any of these thumbnails to make the pictures bigger.

This is the view from the bedroom door.



This is still from the door but the other side of the room. As you can see the decorating never got finished. It looks rather bare and there is no light fitting on the wall yet.


This is the opposite view, from standing at the window.


This is the old curtain rail above the window. I am wanting to get this sanded first. It has been driving me bonkers for months. There are so many layers of old paint on there I don’t think it will be easy to get it back to bare. But I’m up for the challenge!

As you can see I am going to have some serious work to do to get these walls looking smooth and lovely again. I am going to have to learn how to use some of the skimming products when I have sanded the walls back a bit.





And last picture, this is where the door handle hits the wall. I clearly need to add “door stop” to the list to buy!


Ok, now that is done, I am left with no excuses but to spend the next few weeks in transformation mode! I believe that changing this space will make a big difference to how I feel. Going to sleep in a calm finished space and waking up in one will hopefully set my mood right each day. Of all the rooms to finish, I believe that this one will have the biggest impact in my daily life.

KT :-)

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