Day 103

Day 103

I have a small win to report today. When I first started the job I am in now and had to take my car in some days the first car park I used cost between £16.50 to £18 per day depending on how long I was there. Quite quickly after that I found one that was either £10 or £12 per day depending on how long I was there.

Today I found a new car park! £8 for my parking today. It is only an extra couple of minutes walk away (past the shops which would be dangerous if I remotely liked shopping). I am really happy. I just wish I’d found it sooner. For the length of time I was parked today it would have normally cost me £12 so I saved £4. Those little things really add up and make a difference.

On the first thing they recommend are the painless savings, ie paying less for the same thing (cutting bills, getting bargains on regular costs etc). This saving comes under that category. The other kind of saving is the painful savings where you have to cut things out like gym memberships, tv channels or stopping expensive bad habits like drinking or smoking. I am still working on my pain free savings but I see some of the more painful ones in my future if I want to get where I’m going a little faster.


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