Day 102

Day 102

I’ve been fighting a battle with the world today. The world is winning. Grrrr!

I went to work, remembered to lift my packed lunch and everything! I was doing great. And then I left work and it all went downhill in a largely comical fashion. I got on my train, was reading my book, blissfully unaware that anything had gone wrong. I step off the train excited by a night of possibilities and then… Sudden realisation, I’m missing a carrier bag. That carrier bag has in it paperwork I need for an 8am meeting tomorrow. Thankfully it was in the office and not on the train or this would be a sad story rather than one of annoyance. Rather than wait for a train back into town I decide to walk home and take the car. Rookie mistake number 2. There were big black clouds but only a few spots of rain. I thought I’d be fine. Less than 2 minutes later, the heavens open first with heavy rain and then with painful hailstones. I got into my flat and had to wring my clothes out before I could take them off.

Next I got changed into dry clothes, went out to the car, now the hailstones had stopped of course, and drove back to the office to pick up what I’d left.

So annoyed with myself. I haven’t gotten a whole lot else done funnily enough. I did manage some of the leg of the sock. I should be able to post progress photos soon.

I thought about gluing buttons to the frame of the cork board for the bedroom but when I laid some out I didn’t like the look of it. What do you guys think?


I’m thinking something else for it but I’m still not 100% sure.


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  1. It seems like today was international crappy day. Ugh, but you certainly take the cake in terms of super annoying days. I hope that tomorrow goes better, hopefully it will be sunny!

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