Day 100

Day 100

Much more like it!

After being a bit rested I got stuck back in today. I cleaned the rubbish out the car, a job I’ve been putting off for weeks. It took all of about 3 minutes… I checked my tyre pressures (that took about 15mins if you include travel time to the garage). I went to the supermarket for the bits and pieces I missed last time. I did multiple loads of washing. And I did it all at quite a leisurely pace.

I have decided that the next big mission is decorate the bedroom. I bought a couple of tester pots of the colours I think I might use and I have been making plans as to how to tackle this job. It’s not the biggest job ever but it will have a good impact. The big thing though I most of it will be done by me alone. That means the prep work, the painting, the prettifying (I know that’s not a word) will all be done by me. The part that I can’t do myself is wire in new lights, that will require an electrician. I will be doing it as cheaply as possible. The main things I will need to buy other than the paint will be new night fittings, curtains and a curtain pole. Later in the year I will need a new wall heater in here too. I know the costs might add up so I’ll be keeping a close eye on it and doing it over the next couple of months. Before June this room WILL be done. Before pictures to follow.

I also started something else today. I have previously listened to Jillian Michaels book “Unlimited”. I am now re-listening to it and I’m going to go through the advice step by step after I have listened to it this time again. In it he describes the process of making a vision board. I am making one to go in my new bedroom when it is finished (or perhaps before). This evening I painted the frame of an old cork-board I had with one of the sample pots of paint, a light green (I think it looks more white in the picture). I think the green sample I had is going to be too light for what I had in mind but the frame will still look good. My hopes and dreams will be added to it over the next week or so. I hope to post a picture when it is done.


ps. Nearly made myself sick on Easter egg chocolate tonight. It was totally worth it! (for putting me off chocolate for a while if nothing else!)

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