Day 89

Day 89

Today has been one of those mixed up days. I’ve not known what day of the week it is for a couple of days and that wasn’t helped by the fact I didn’t sleep well last night.

Because of an early meeting I finished a bit early and has great plans of getting organised before my weekend of going away for an over night and having birthday fun with the man-shape. Well, thanks to the bad sleep I decided a nap was in order and that has knocked things out all evening. I tidied up a bit, got a load of washing done and the dishwasher loaded. I eventually went to the gym at 8.30pm. I had been planning on going at 5…

The work out wasn’t too bad. I came home and finally had something to eat after 9.30pm. I have done a couple of touch ups to the ladybird nails (they are mostly holding up well, it’s just a couple of fingers that have chipped a couple of times. I must stop using my fingernails to open things!)

Tomorrow I am away for an overnight. Provided I have a phone signal I’ll be able to post a blog entry. I am really looking forward to the next few days. There should be a bit of drinking, a lot of laughing and massive amounts of relaxation to be had. I can’t wait! And I am hoping for many picture opportunities for this little blog too.

KT :-)

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