Day 87

Day 87

I haven’t given you a photo filled post for a little while. I intend to fix that today.

Scotland is haIce cream vanving something of a heatwave the last few days and it is meant to last a few more (please please hold out till my birthday on Monday!! That would be amazing). Today at work I took advantage of the sunshine and went for a walk down to the river Clyde at lunchtime. I saw this ice cream van on my way to the river and I knew what I had to do. But I had something else to do first…

I had already had lunch quickly in the office so I spent the rest of my lunch time watching the work go by and knitting a few rows of the sock I’m working on. I got into a chat with an older gentleman about what I was doing. He was lovely, he was asking questions about knitting and about my sock and talking about how lovely a day it was.




On my way back to the office I stopped for a treat. I couldn’t resist this. It might be March but it felt like summer today. And what is summer without a 99 cone?? (which by the way has gotten expensive…)

When I got back into the office and had a mostly uneventful afternoon. But for one phone call. Ok, some information to everyone out there: conduct yourself in a professional manner. If something has gone wrong, check who is responsible before having your rant. You might just be ranting at someone who was not responsible for what has annoyed you and may have had absolutely no control over what you are aggrieved over. What you might be doing, as well as venting your emotions, is completely spoiling a fabulous day for someone else. And who wants that?!

This evening I have not crafted anything. I have drank some wine, chatted on Ravelry and I have practised some nail art. I haven’t crafted anything all night. Or tidied anything. Pretty much my nails have taken up all night. How do the girly types do it? The girl arts take a lot of time! I will leave you with a picture of my ladybird fingernails. Hope you like them!

KT :-)

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