Day 84

Day 84

Progress! Sorta. In my quest to long term save money and protect the money I have one thing has become clear to me (that should have been crystal clear all along…) I need to look after the things I own, basic maintenance, and learn basic repairs as I need them. Obvious, right? Link to the blog where this became obvious.

I don’t always look after my things as well as I should but that is gradually changing. Last night after my blog post I ran a couple of system checks and maintenance on my laptop to keep it running smoothly. I know that if I do little checks often they don’t take much time and the Macbaby knows it is loved an behaves itself. If I don’t… Well, I don’t want to think about that.

There are things I own that aren’t so easy, clean, or dare I say fun? To maintain. But these things are still necessary and could be costly to replace. I’m talking appliances. Today, for the first time in months I emptied the hoover. I didn’t just empty it. I cleaned out the filter, checked it over for damage, put a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender oil so the place will smell nice when I hoover and less bugs will want to live there, and put it back together again. It was choked with hair and dust and who knows what else. I cleaned it out and now it sucks better than it has in years! It was second hand when I brought it here (it had been my parents) and already has tape holding bits together but it is a good machine… Provided I take care of it!

There are other things that will last much longer if I keep them clean, do basic maintenance and check for damage regularly. As I identify things I’m going to add them to a mini-maintenance schedule. The hoover’s next empty has been added as a reminder on my phone for 6months time. I live in a small flat so every 6 months seems like a reasonable timescale for that job.

I also finished reading The Hunger Games today. I thought about doing a review here but I have changed my mind. I will say I loved it! But I will talk about the book when I compare it to the movie that I am hopefully going to see soon.

I spent the rest of the day pottering. I’ve tidied and cleaned the bedroom, done a load of washing, tidied the kitchen a bit, watched some tv, knit another couple of rounds on the sock (slow progress there) and spent some time with the neighbours downstairs. That sounds like quite a bit but it hasn’t felt busy. I like days like this.

Tomorrow is a busy one. I am going to a training session an hour and a half drive away and then going to a concert closer to home in the evening. In looking forward to most of it even though it’s going to be a tiring day.

KT :-)

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  1. The Hunger Games movie is pretty good, I still like the book a little better. But it is certainly worth seeing, I cannot wait until you get to go see it! I’m also so inspired to clean up my own long neglected appliances thanks to you.

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