Day 82

Day 82

My emotions are still running high, I’m still kind of angry but it’s no bad thing. I have a kind I fire in me that I haven’t had in a long time. I have so much determination right now you’d all better watch out!

I used that fire to push myself in the gym after work today. I worked hard but I am still sore all over from earlier in the week. I’m glad tomorrow is a half day because I really don’t fancy sitting at a desk for the full day…

While at the gym today I had a break in proceedings. I stopped to compliment one of the women who has been going there longer than I have. She always works hard and I can really see a difference in her. She is not a supermodel, and like myself, never will be, but she looks great now, she looks full of life and bright. She has lost weight too. I stopped to tell her how good she was looking and commented on the fact that she always smiles now. I now also know that she’s quite the chatterbox! She hasn’t had an easy time but she’s stayed positive, looked after herself and things are looking up for her now. I wish her all the best. Oh, and because it is important to me to learn people’s names – even though I often forget (and its important to get them right when I remember), her name is Alison.

KT :-)

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