Day 80

Day 80

Two major themes to today
1. Stress
2. Pain!!

My gym visit yesterday was effective. I know that because I can barely move today. I hurt from toe nails to eye lashes…! But it’s the good kind of hurt. It’s the kind of hurt that lets me know my muscles feel suitably chastised and it’s the kind of hurt that makes me want to do it all again tomorrow. I suppose this is the difference between going and really applying myself and just phoning it in. If only my eating discipline was so good.

There is a lot going on in my life at the moment and that is leading to stress (so its a great time to get back into working out). This is difficult to explain but I’m going to give it a go anyway. I don’t feel stressed. I don’t have the knot in my stomach, I’m not irritable, I am neither off my food nor comfort eating. But I know I’m stressed. When I am stressed it comes out in two ways, my body shows signs of it, usually through bad skin; and my emotions get wildly out of control. I have been up and down like a yoyo all day. I’ve cried a few times, over silly things mostly but it’s like I just can’t hold it in. I was also laughing hysterically at song lyrics.

I turned the heel on the first sock tonight and knitting that sock was one of the few things that has kept me calm.

I hope I have a bit more control over things tomorrow. As I have said on this blog many times : sleep should fix me.


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  1. You are making me feel bad about not working out! Although you are hurting now, think about how much stronger you are now. Socks are the best stress buster : )

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