Day 78

Day 78

First, happy mothers day to all the UK mothers. Happy mothers day mum!

I like Sundays that are stress free, and today was a stress free Sunday. I got up, spent a bit of time on my appearance (I’m still not a regular make-up wearer by the way) I tidied the kitchen, hoovered and generally got the flat into a state that I could relax in. It didn’t take too long.

Next I spent time with the man-shape. It was fantastic, just what we both needed. We watched tv, chatted about future plans, laughed and connected again in a positive way. I love that after nearly 7 years together we still make an effort when we are together. Nothing is taken for granted and I hope that never changes. We both make an effort to make each other feel like important people, to show each other that we are special to each other and I think that I am a very lucky girl. His health has not been great lately so I know that just relaxing, with me or anyone, can be difficult just now so I appreciate the time we spend together.

In the evening we visited his gran on hospital. That was a little stressful because I can see that it upsets him to see her struggle. She’s a feisty woman though and her sense of humour is still very much intact. Love her to bits, and not only because she lets me steal her grapes!

I also spoke to my mum on the phone this evening. I know she sometimes reads the blog so I’ll try not to be too sappy but she’s great. I love that our dynamic is sometimes a bit backwards, mum is younger in personality and looks than in years and can be quite silly, never stupid though, she’s fun. I am often a little too serious and I’m bad for trying to be the grown up sometimes. It’s sort of a running joke, we have to remind ourselves which is the parent occasionally, but only in a jokey way. I don’t think of my mum as just my mum but as my friend. Again I say, I’m a very lucky girl.

KT :-)

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